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Cobbles, slabs, kerbs in granit

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Cobbles, slabs, kerbs

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Supply and delivery cobbles, slabs, kerbs and all products in granit for company and particular customers. France and international

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Tramway de Casablanca...

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France and international delivery
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Cobbles, slabs, kerbs and others beskope stones, all dimensions possible
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The granit in all its applications

The granit is the most robust mineral, interesting for its color palette, its finishes, its immutability, which make it a suitable material for all kinds of facilities.

Flooring Cobbles, slabs

Finish: cleft, flammed, hammered, sawn, polite.

All dimensions and thiknesses.

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Kerbs and steps

Finish: cleft, flammed, hammered.

Usual dimensions: 8/20, 15/25, 20/30 or others.

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Others applications:

Urban furniture Boundaries, benches, plinths, fountains

For the construction: Fronts, walls, top walls, lintels, windowsills, all finitions

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Granit quarries



Mechanical manufacturing of cobbles, slabs, kerbs and others. Modern and efficient machins for all finitions of granit.



Transport by road or sea worldwide.

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Our references

Paris (France)

Public roads and tramways. Kerbs for the pavements and separators for the bus line in grey granit

Lyon (France)

Tramway: borders for the quai and special kerbs, cobbles and slabs, grey granit

Niort (France)

City center, 5 years of work, 10 000m² paving stone, 3000m² slabs, 12 000ml kerbs all in yellow granit

Amiens (France)

Station square, 3000m² slabs, 700m² paving stone in grey granit

Chalons-sur-Saône (France)

Station square, 3000m² slabs in yellow granit

Tarbes (France)

City center, pavement and slabs in grey granit, tiles recovery in old granit

Lourdes / Gavarnie (France)

Historic sites, pavements, kerbs and slabs in grey granit

Limoges (France)

City center, landscaping of roads, square, museums, faculties with diverses kerbs, slabs and pavement in grey granit. Covering the front of the faculty of law with yellow granit

Limoges (France)

Faculty of law: covering the front with yellow granit

La Rochelle (France)

Port, plarforms, aquarium. Paving and slabs, kerbs of public furniture in yellow granit.

Les Sables d'Olonne (France)

Port: pavement and kerbs in yellow granit

Pau (France)

City center, squares and streets 4000m² in dark grey granit, special pieces

Dijon / Chenove (France)

Kerbs in light grey granit and dark grey granit, special pieces

Tahiti / Raiatea (overseas)

Island of RAIATEA landscaping of the port 10 000m² of paving stone in different colors with flower patterns done in varied paving stone and formats

Casablanca (Maroc)

Tramway, 25 000m² slabs in yellow granit, 40 kms of kerbs with all sections and specified special pieces in dark grey granit

Casablanca (Maroc)

City center: slabs in grey granit on the pavement

Rabat (Maroc)

Tramway: floors of the stations with slabs in grey granit and paving stone in dark grey granit

Marrakech (Maroc)

Different streets. Paving in pink granit and kerbs of pavement and gutter in yellow granit

Constantine (Algérie)

Rehabilitate the old Constantine, historic area

Guadaloupe (France)

Paving stone